How client cheat me |

How client cheat me



This post is a quite different one from all that I’ve done so far. It will be a warning to all graphic designers…

A week ago I received an order for designing a website (some landing page for iPhone app). I received a text document with guidelines. I determined the price from George Popovic (proof 1: / proof 2: We agreed everything on Monday night. George said to me on Skype that I could contact Marcus Emmanuel at Basecamp. I was a bit surprised, however, I received information that Marcus and George are partners. Then there my suspicions aroused.

Within a week, the whole operation went according to plan … until Sunday. On Sunday, I finished work on the project. Then I started to do the problems. Marcus wrote me that I had to give him the files fist. Then the developer would check whether I had finish my work (I do not know what he wanted to check off the names of the layers of the system - but even then it seemed very strange to me.) I did not agree on it. This is where it all started to go wrong. Skipping what we wrote to each other. He wanted to see the files and then pay for my work and my time.

This morning , after an exchange of views – I decided that I have no longer anything to lose and I sent him the files. Well - as you can imagine I have not received the money and he delete my acc from Basecamp. Oh well…

I am aware of the fact that it is also my fault. I did not take any payment from the outset. It is only because so far I did not have to do that. Now I know that you should take payment in advance.

Why I write about all this? Because it seems to me that it was a great story about how some people approach things.

My loss?
One week of lost time.
Lost my temper on the amendment.
Lost money.

What lesson comes from my story? – ALWAYS TAKE A DEPOSIT IN ADVANCE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CUSTOMER. Want to know more?!U5kxwDaA!Oseav0nDgaM1NgqFBywImB978DwhiInoLJmVgnxFc7s - this is the record of my conversations with Marcus at Basecamp (huge file 13,8mb; 1030x43047px; png)

Marcus Emmanuel – /

George Popovic – i have only his skype contact so…


I know that maybe this post is not moral, is perhaps inappropriate. But i have no idea what to do now besides i’m tired of this whole situation.

So I just got a lesson for life. Let this story be a warning to others.
BTW. Yeah i know that this desing doesn’t look so good.
BTW2. Believe me, I tried to work it out by all means. Unfortunately, Marcus did not give me a choice. Instead, I received the email threatening that he destroy my reputation if I will put all these information. Well… Bye Bye my reputation.


I thought about everything … and here you can download what I did:
You can do with it whatever you want.

Update 2:

So after a few hours of placing the information I learned some interesting things. It turned out that not only me, Marcus tried to cheat.

Frantisek Kusovsky send me this mail:

Hey Mateusz,
you can mention me, just write that i only give him a quick mockup on which i spend around hour or so (link it if you want) as i was really not sure about him and did not want to put more time into it without pre-payment. Luckily he gave up early so i did not continue at all :)

In addition, some few people on dribbble (by the way great community – thanks guys and girls for the good words of encouragement, I really do lifted the spirits!) wrote that Marcus also spoke to them. So be careful! Think twice if you want to work with him!